Sunday, September 10, 2006

Friday Night with the Fam

Friday night couldn't have come more quickly this week and both Jon and I were so relieved to have it arrive. It was a busy week at work for both of us and we were really looking forward to relaxing. Somehow all of us kids ended up at Jon's parents place for the evening and had a great time playing with our nephew and neice. Jon's oldest sister Susanne even drove out from Abbotsford which was nice because we hadn't seen her in weeks. A lot of the evening was spend just watching Konrad...I can't believe how much he is growing up...what an entertainer! We all laughed ourselves silly! It really made me stop and think about how much family is such a blessing and how Jon and I are so lucky to live close to his family... and mine now too! (Now we just have to convince Craig and Jen to move out here and our family will be complete! No pressure guys...wink, wink!) ended up being an awesome evening with the Esau's! A perfect family Friday night!


Janelle said...

you'll have to fight for C&J you know!!!

Heather Wiens said...

I had no idea your family was living in BC!! I know what you mean about it being a blessing having family close by. Dwayne's family all live here, and I love having my sister in the city.

On a side note - I'd like to talk with you about your trip to Belize. I'll have to e-mail you, or you can e-mail me your phone number and we'll chat.