Sunday, September 24, 2006

Crazy Times at CFP

This Saturday, Todd, Brianne, Jon and I decided to play a bit of mini-golf at good ol' Castle Fun Park. I had only ever played the outdoor course, so this time we opted for the indoor Jungle course. It was definitley a good time! We kept score for about the first 3 holes but seeing as "we are all not being honest" (direct quote from Brianne), we decided to scrap the score and just have fun. (Jen Glen...if you are reading this...I am quite certain that the lack of competitive play would have made you nuts ;)...) We had some good laughs...especially when both Todd and Brianne's balls ended up way off course and they decided to "play it as it lies!" Actually, we all ended up doing a lot of "playing it where it lies!" What a fun night! And we look forward to what adventures next weekend holds!

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