Thursday, August 31, 2006

My dearest Jen...oh how I miss thee!

Well, although I had a great week at camp, I unfortunately had to come home to the reality that my best friend out here in Chilliwack, Jen LaRoy, is leaving me. Wait...change that...HAS left me! She moved to Edmonton to do her Masters of Physiotherapy at U of A and oh how I miss her already. The worst part was that we hardly saw each other at all this month because of holidays and then I was at volleyball camp last week. So we basically had one brief afternoon (the day I flew in from Saskatchewan) to hang out and say our "farewells"---which was totally brutal! And now she is gone and there is a deep void in my soul... and my social life! Jen...I miss you so much already! I will be praying that school goes well and that the transition to a new city will go as smoothly as possible. But you will be deeply missed and I hope that we'll be able to visit each other more than just at Christmas and during the summer! I'll do my best to get out there to see you whenever I possibly can!
So here are some pictures of US! Hope they bring happy memories to you as much as they do for me! Love you lots Jen!

Keep in touch girl and make sure you send me your new address & phone number ASAP!! Talk to you soon!


Janelle said...

do you know that i've never seen any of your wedding pics?? not cool!!! post more!!

Jen said...

Bon-thanks so much girl. It's nice to know that I am being missed. You are too, you know! I have the best friends in the world and it's not easy to leave them all behind.
Thanks for all the memories in the pics too...I laughed hysterically at the one of us and leah and the totem pole! love ya!

Anonymous said...

you, jen, and i REALLY need to get together again and hang out for a weekend or something!
I miss you both SOO much! you guys are the greatest!