Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Adia Grace

Last night we had a baby shower for my friend Laurie and her new little girl, Adia Grace. It was just a small group of us girls that have been getting together "somewhat regularly" on Monday nights for the last year. And although it wasn't a surprise shower, we still all felt the urge to shout "SURPRISE" when Laurie and Adia arrived... it was pretty funny...mostly corny though!

Well, Adia definitely stole the show with her many smiles and funny new sounds... it was so crazy how much she has grown over the last few weeks. She is almost 6 weeks old now and is already full of life! We're so excited to be a part of her life and to watch her grow and discover new things about life...and of course, do all those important things girls need to being right near the top of the list! Laurie, you've definitely got a "keeper!" We love you so much Adia!

Here are just a few pictures from our evening together...

Jen & baby Adia---Jen just can't get enough of her new little niece!

Isn't she just too cute for her own good!?

Adia & I---its crazy how strong she is getting...she looks small here but she definitely started to feel heavy with all the squirming she was doing!

Here's my sister Viv holding little Adia...I'm telling ya...just TOO cute!

Lauren & Jen playing with Adia

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Janelle said...

ok, now i REALLY want another one!